The show was wonderful. Really amazing.Leah


I loved the play, which was sweet, powerful, funny and significant.  Thanks for the aesthetic treat. Rudy


Congratulations on such a wonderful show. We loved your play!  We thought the whole cast portrayed their roles convincingly, but that grandmother… she just WAS the grandmother. Pretty amazing.Helen


What a wonderful play – full of humor, depth and so well written.  The actors were fabulous.  – Olivia


It was such an impressive event.  We really enjoyed ourselves. We laughed, we got misty-eyed, and we felt amazing. You are amazingly creative and you need to share this with everyone. I wish you all the success that this deserves.Joe


What an innovative way to express the significance of HAIR with cultural divides, nostalgia, and identity.  Coming from a bald man, we ALL have a hair story that has impacted our lives in some way.  My sincere wish is that you continue with this wonderful production, cast and story.  – Chris


Your play was absolutely wonderful.  There were so many things that made me think of my own experiences: the shirt on my head pretending I had long hair, the songs, the dancing.  And your actresses were amazing.  – Sherri


RUN, don’t WALK to see the beautiful creation of I LOVE MY HAIR, with outstanding performances!  It is truly a work of brilliance.Mike


A wonderful portrayal of our culture, capturing our complexity and beauty, all in one whop! Congrats, I truly enjoyed the show and memories evoked tonight. Keep it going!Anita


Beautiful, moving play that resonates with love and an appreciation for the human experience. I highly recommend everyone to see it.Louisha


A wonderful performance, moving and resonant for every member of the audience- even my middle school daughter- who watches her friends struggle in the rain!Anne


The play touched my soul in places that hadn’t been touched in a very long time.Allison


The play definitely took me on an emotional journey I will never forget.  – Keva


Beautiful! Insightful! Educational!Celena